5 Things You Must Know to Sell Your German Village Home

What skeletons are hiding in your closet?

No, seriously! Go take a look at your closets right now. If you were thinking about buying your own home again would it look like you had enough storage in your closet or is it brimming with clothes you haven’t worn in years, old toys, or guest towels you’ve never used? Did you know storage can be as big of deal to a lot of buyers as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms a home has?

Here are the top 5 secrets to selling your Columbus home that I bet nobody has told you (until now!).

  1. Your closets should be mostly empty~ Especially if you are selling a home in one of the historic Downtown Columbus neighborhoods with limited closet space. Every buyer coming through your home is looking at the storage space available and you need to make yours look as appealing as possible. Start going through and donating clothes you haven’t worn in over 6 months, packing up clothes that aren’t in season and putting items you rarely use in an off-site storage unit while your home is on the market.
  2. Internet appeal is the new curb appeal~Over 90% of Columbus home buyers start their home search online. They are looking at pictures (if they don’t like the pictures they may never read that perfectly worded description of your home) and taking virtual tours so your home needs to look its absolute best for the photos. Also, the best and most defining features of your home need to be showcased in your listing pictures. What makes your home unique, special, and different? This is what your potential buyer wants to see.
  3. The first two weeks are the most critical~Thinking about pricing your home high and gradually bringing the price down? You may be hurting your chances of selling your home for the most money in the shortest time. Buyers are savvy these days and know when a home is over priced and they have Buyer’s Agents to help guide them. Wouldn’t you rather have a lot of eager buyers battling over who gets to buy your home or would you rather spend a month or more of showings before getting an offer?
  4. Be ready to show at any time~Today’s buyers are eager, excited, and competitive. The really motivated buyers (the ones you want) are ready to see your home the second it pops up on their computer screen. Be sure to take that extra moment before work to pick up your socks or to put those dishes right in the washer after dinner.
  5. Be ready to sweeten the deal~Maybe your home isn’t as updated as your neighbor’s or your lot is smaller. Be ready to sweeten the deal with closing costs, a home warranty, or even a pre-listing home inspection so that your potential Buyer knows that your home i s ready to move into as is.

Just because we are in a Seller’s market in Columbus doesn’t mean that buyers will throw their money at anything. Be realistic. Take a good, hard, objective look at your home and how a stranger would see it and you just may end up selling your home sooner rather than later.

Are you thinking about selling your Columbus home? Visit MyColumbusHomeValue.info to find out what your home could be worth in today’s competitive Columbus housing market.


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