7 German Village Home Buyer Tips for Spring

German Village
German Village homes for sale. Search homes for sale in historic German Village

As we head into the spring market the inventory for moderately priced German Village homes is low. There will be more homes coming onto the market but there will also be more buyers out looking for that great deal on a German Village home for sale. While that sort of competition is great for sellers it can be very frustrating for buyers. A well priced home in German Village will most likely get multiple offers but there are a few ways to ensure that your bid will come out on top:

  1. Make sure your offer is reasonable. If there are several offers in for the house that you want your offer should be close to list price if not at list (or even above depending on the scenario. A good Realtor can help you decide when, and if, this is appropriate). Also very important is to have a pre-qualification letter ready to send out with your offer. That could mean the difference between getting a home and going back to searching.
  2. Increase your earnest money. This money can be applied towards your closing costs or down payment at the closing but putting more money down as earnest money tells the home seller that you are very serious about buying their home. Be sure to discuss with your Realtor what is a good amount and the potential pitfalls of a large earnest deposit.
  3. Price is important but it isn’t the only factor in who gets picked for a home. Simplicity is the key when it comes to terms. If the seller feels confused or overwhelmed by special requests they may move on to another offer that could be for less money.
  4. Contingencies scare sellers. If you don’t have to have something in the offer then leave it out. 
  5. What is the seller’s motivation. If your Realtor can find out why the seller’s are selling then you can structure your offer to better meet those needs than someone else.
  6. If you are after one of the very rare foreclosures then know that emotion plays no part in the decision of which offer to pick but sharing details about yourself could possibly tip the scales in your favor.
  7. Let the home owner know why you love their home. Don’t tell them about plans to rip out and renovate their home but focus on what you like and appeal to their emotions. Sometimes an offer will get picked because of an emotional appeal but don’t rely on this alone.

If you are considering buying a home for sale in German Village be sure to use a Realtor who knows the area or even lives in the area like Topher Hannon & Vince Graves of Hannon & Graves Keller Williams Classic Properties. Their knowledge of German Village and the surrounding neighborhoods will be a great help in your search for the perfect German Village home.

Search Homes for Sale in German Village here.

Then contact Hannon & Graves to help you get into your new home in German Village



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