German Village Coffee Shops: Cup O Joe Coffee House

ImageLocated right on Third Street in the Heart of German Village is Cup O Joe Coffee House. This location was the first Cup O Joe and opened in 1994 and has expanded to 7 locations around Columbus. The coffee beans that Cup O Joe uses is sourced globally but roasted locally to give their customers the freshest coffee available. 

The German Village Cup O Joe location is a laid back, quiet location catering not just to the residents of German Village but also visitors to the area who stop by to grab a quick cup of coffee before heading over to the Book Loft next door to browse for books. Each location has its own vibe and this Cup O Joe gives off a hip, Brooklyn feel that fits right into its historic neighborhood surroundings. 

While you can be assured of a hot, fresh cup of coffee don’t forget to check out some of the specialty drinks. Every fall the Joe Pumpkin is sure to please but who can resist a Milky Way (a chocolaty, caramel cup of delicious) or (my personal favorite when I’m in the mood for something sweet) a Razzmatazz (chocolate, espresso, steamed milk, and raspberry syrup)? If your needs fall into the more adult beverage spectrum then you can head next door to MoJoe lounge for a cocktail.

I highly recommend the espresso martini. 


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