German Village Block Watch/ Police Meeting

Last night at the German Village Meeting Haus was a meeting of the German Village (and Schumacher Place) block watch and police. The minutes from the meeting were posted online here. Many good questions were asked and a lot of great information was communicated. Among the most pertinent points from last night’s meetings are (in no particular order):

  • Lock your doors even if you are at home or just going out for a minute. Under the guise of passing out flyers potential thieves will try door handles to see if anything valuable is easily accessible.
  • If you see something call the police right away at 645-4545 or dial 911. If it is a non-emergency situation the operator will transfer your call. Be specific and tell the operator if the crime is in progress. If it is safe to do so take pictures. The police will check your report against others in the area to see if there is a pattern or if repeat offenders are involved.
  • When you give a description to police it gives them a reason to stop someone fitting that description.
  • If you call 911 about a crime in progress that changes the priority of the call.

German Village and Schumacher Place are two great neighborhoods to live in and when we all work together to make our neighborhoods safer we all benefit!



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