Explorers Club Merion Village

Explorer's Club Merion VillageFor weeks now I’ve been craving fried chicken but not just any fried chicken. I’ve wanted good fried chicken. Imagine my delight when I checked my Facebook feed and found that the Explorers Club special today was buttermilk fried chicken. I’ve been curious about the Explorer’s Club for awhile (I drive by it a lot) but never made it in but that Facebook post cinched the deal (see, Facebook marketing does work!).

I was surprised by what I saw. I expected more of a coffee shop or diner type feel but the inside was a nice, well laid out space. Whoever designed the inside did a great job. I got there right as they opened for dinner so I was able to get a table right away (love those booths. There is something about sitting up higher than everyone!). I really wanted to try one of their margaritas (the blueberry mint sounded amazing) but after being on the go all day long it probably wasn’t the best idea, but next time. . .

Anyhow, the chicken was amazing! I’m glad I held out and didn’t settle for some chicken in a bucket. Not only was the breading crisp and well seasoned but the chicken was nice and moist. There’s nothing worse than dried out fried chicken so I was glad they did it up right. The chicken was served over chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. I loved the mashed potatoes. They weren’t too spicy and were absolutely delicious. I had also gotten a side of the sweet potato fries and I highly recommend getting a side of the salsa yogurt sauce to dip them in.

I have heard a lot about their brunches and after this dinner I am definitely going to have to check that out!

Visit them on the web at ExplorersClubMV.com


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