How to Sell a Home With a Dated Kitchen

Zillow has a great article on how to sell a home even if the kitchen is dated and/ or ugly. The biggest take away from this article, at least for me, was to get new appliances. If your home has had a new refrigerator since 1973 or if you have to kick the stove twice to get it to heat up then investing in some new appliances will help your home get sold.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money or get top of the line appliances (unless, of course, that is what your market demands. Your Realtor can help guide in the matter). Look around at various stores and check out the scratch and dent areas. We have gotten some great deals on scratch and dent appliances and we can’t even see the scratches or dents! What you want to remember is the person buying your home is already shelling out a lot of money on a major purchase so the last thing they want to worry about is the possibility of having to buy new appliances.


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