How to Sell a Home With a Tenant In It

So you want to sell your home but there is one problem, you have it rented and there are tenants in it. Can you still sell the home?

Yes, yes you can!

There are some very good tips in this article on how to make your tenants more sale friendly.

A few things to keep in mind before deciding to sell your occupied rental home.

  • Ohio law says you must give tenants 24 hour notice before showing the home
  • If your tenants have a lease they have the right to stay in the home until the lease expires
  • Your buyers do have the option of buying the tenants out of their current lease
  • If you are worried about the condition of your property before showings (and you have some extra money) you can pay for a cleaning service to show up an hour or so before the showing to do some cleaning (with the tenant’s ok)

When in doubt ask a licensed real estate agent or contact Topher Hannon and Vince Graves. They will help you get your Columbus home sold at the right price, at the right time!


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